Built Bar Review – Macros, Best Flavors & Where to Buy

Our Built Bar review will outline the maco-nutrition of most of the bars and the best flavors to try. Plus get $10 off your first box when you buy online.

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What are Built Bars?

Built Bars are a protein bar ranging from 110 calories to 170 calories. They’re unique in their taffy-like center, as well as, being low in carbs, high in protein, and some flavors are also nut-free!

Why We Love Built Bars

We love that the bars don’t taste chalky and are soft to eat. We also love their macros because they’re easy to incorporate into our diet and grab on the go.

The bars are also gluten free, made with no preservatives, and no artificial color or flavors!

Built Bars Macro-Nutrition

Depending on the flavor, most of the bars are between:

  • 110-170 calories,
  • 15-20 g of protein,
  • 6-7g of fiber,
  • 4-7 net carbs,
  • and 4-5g of sugar!

Which flavors are the best?

Another thing we love about this specific line of bars is that they’re always releasing new flavors.

We definitely have our favorites, but we also love having a variety!

Our favorite flavors are:

  1. Coconut Almond – 130 calories, 18g protein, 5g fat, 7g fiber, 3g sugar
  2. Orange Chocolate Creme – 110 calories, 15g protein, 4g fat, 6g fiber, 4g sugar
  3. Mint Brownie Delite – 110 calories, 15g protein, 4g fat, 6g fiber, 4g sugar
  4. Peanut Butter – 170 Calories, 20g Protein, 7g Fiber, 7g Fat, 3g Sugar
  5. Peanut Butter Brownie – 170 calories, 20g protein, 7g fat, 7g fiber, 3g sugar

Which flavors should you avoid?

We recommend staying away from the fruit flavors. The cherry, banana, and vanilla all have a twang to them. We can’t really eat any of those.

Where can you buy Built Bars?

Currently, Built Bars are available exclusively from their website.

We personally recommend the sampler box where you can pick 3 flavors out to try.

You can also save  10% off your returning orders.

If you end up loving the bars like we do, you can earn a discount when you order more than a box, as well as, cash-back to be redeemed on a future purchase as well.

Built Bar Coupon Code

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A Final Note

The texture of the bars is different than any other protein bar we’ve tried. We love how chewy and soft they are (picture a sweet nougat or taffy), but if you try it and aren’t crazy about that texture, try putting them in the refrigerator! They are great chilled too!

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