10 Tips For a Fit Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are practically synonymous but, if you’re looking for a healthier way to say “I love you” this year, here are some ideas on how to get your hearts pumping.

      1. Dance the night away!  Look up a local ballroom or dance studio and try scheduling a fun (and romantic!) dance lesson.   Many ballroom studios even offer a complimentary introductory lesson. Tango? Rumba? Swing?  You’ll torch a lot of calories while you learn to burn up the dancefloor!

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      2. Plan an adventure.  Want to get your pulse racing on Valentine’s Day?  Consider trying an indoor ropes course, or a rock climbing gym session, or even indoor skydiving and let your adrenaline kick into high gear!  If the weather cooperates, check out some local hiking trails in your area and enjoy the views and fresh air!
      3. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve a mystery!  Put a little thrill in your Valentine’s Day date night by attempting an escape room and enjoy the interactive experience of solving the puzzle by using strategy and working together!
      4. Rejuvenate!  How about booking a couple’s massage at a day spa?  A couple’s massage can help alleviate stress and tension and it is a relaxing way to slow down, breathe, and share in the experience of unplugging from the world together!
      5. Appreciate beauty around you!  Stroll around a nearby art museum or aquarium or check out a planetarium where you can enjoy a starry sky or an indoor laser light show set to music.
      6. Cook up some love!  Do the two of you share a love of sushi?  Take a sushi making class together!  Pick up some tricks on making your favorite rolls and enjoy learning together.  Many sushi restaurants offer classes and, if sushi isn’t your passion, perhaps another type of cooking class that offers some healthy meal options.
      7. Put a healthier spin on some of your favorite choices.  Is ice-cream your dream dessert?  Try some Halo Top Creamery in all kinds of flavors and enjoy low calorie, low sugar, high-protein ice-cream.   Can’t bear to celebrate the fourteen of February without some wine?  You can still toast to love with some FitVine Wine, which boasts less sugar, fewer calories and fewer sulfites, without sacrificing the taste or alcohol content.  Having trouble imagining your Valentine’s Day without chocolate?  Consider sharing a chocolate fondue with cut up fruit for dipping!

        Photo credit: Dana Lane Photography

    1. Try some old school traditional fun!  When was the last time you two went ice or roller-skating?  Maybe a fun night of bowling as retro fun bowling places are popping up everywhere, complete with pool tables and plenty of neon!
    2. Share the love!  Think about giving some of your Valentine time to helping others.  Maybe volunteer a couple of hours at your local food bank, shelter or senior center.   Doing good feels good!
    3. Still looking to go for a romantic dinner out?  Try to find a restaurant that offers fabulous healthy offerings or cooking styles.  Sold on a chocolate dessert?  Ask for two spoons and share!

There are many ways to celebrate love and romance with quality time and they aren’t all dipped in chocolate!